Natural Language Processing

Expert in text processing, generation, and classification.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Proficiency in un/supervised systems and deep learning methodologies.


Advanced knowledge in the creation of explainable solutions.

Large Language Models

Researcher of generative Artificial Intelligence with applications in healthcare, education, industry, etc.


"Silvia García Méndez received a Ph.D. in Information and Communications Technology from the University of Vigo in 2021. Since 2015, she has worked as a researcher within the Information Technologies Group - atlanTTic at the University of Vigo. She currently leads the Natural Language Processing area. She has contributed to quality scientific dissemination in prestigious journals and national and international conferences. Her scientific production is completed with numerous European, national, regional, and technology transfer projects with the industry and teaching innovation projects. She also collaborates with national and international research groups. Her research interests include Artificial Intelligence-based solutions exploiting Natural Language Processing techniques and Machine Learning algorithms."